Zach Perdue

Zach Perdue is a GIS and Visual expert with over fifteen years of diversified experience performing complex geospatial, statistical and visualization analyses to support a variety of planning initiatives. His broad range of software experience and understanding of spatial data analysis have allowed him to apply unique, efficient, and effective solutions to support projects within the recreation and tourism, real estate, planning, engineering, architectural and energy industries.

Zach draws on his diversified skill set to strategically optimize programmatic designs that not only meet project objectives, but also enhance return on investment. In addition, he utilizes a wide variety of CAD, GIS, graphic and 3D Modeling software to create engaging presentations that captivate viewing audiences. Whether seeking a simple massing model of a conceptual design study or articulating a detailed, photo-realistic vision of a final project prior to implementation, his experience and skill set bring your projects to life.