The ROOT on beverly

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Beverly Hills, California
.5 acre
Architectural Envisioning, Site Planning, Landscape Architecture

The ROOT, On Beverly is envisioned to bring a diversity of artisanal eateries, shopping and entertainment into one bold development idea. The concept rooted in seasonal food/drink sourced within the site gardens and surrounding region and incorporated into eclectic dishes, cocktails and juices. The vertical hanging garden creates a bold and distinguishing icon along the corner entry of Beverly Boulevard. Patrons can find the signature olive tree as the focal point with a living garden wall as backdrop to this vibrant development. Rainwater harvesting and grey water re-use are harnessed in an architectural cistern that will provide drip irrigation for establishing drought tolerant plants throughout the project. The vibe of the rooftop takes on a “garden in the city” feel as one sits is under the café lights and stars in the Olive Grove where movies and local music play in the evenings. A signature restaurant will anchor the roof terrace creating an upscale dining experience with emphasis on seasonal and fresh plates from the gardens and region.