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Vail, Colorado
2 acres
Site Planning, Landscape Architecture, Construction Documentation and Administration
p l a n + interaction

The Riverview development is a 73 unit affordable housing project that has undergone a significant renovation abutting the Eagle River in Avon, Colorado.  The design goals were to create a strong sense of ‘Community’ and to enhance the quality of life, safety, and security for the residents.  Sustainable building and site technologies were designed in the form of solar thermal heating of the laundry facility, bioswales for filtration of site runoff, energy efficient site lighting, native and low water use landscape, re-use of existing site boulders and recycling center.   A new community center, outdoor plazas, herb garden and playground help give residents a sense of pride and lifestyle they had never experienced.  The project was paid for through various funding mechanisms such as tax credits, Green Retrofit Grant and subsidized by the federal government’s office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).