Dragon Lake

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Taizhou, China
250 hectares / 617 acres
Master Planning, Architectural Visioning, Landscape Architecture
p l a n + SSW

Located in the ‘Green Heart’ tourism district outside of Taizhou, China, Dragon Lake is a Master Planned community focused on recreation, hospitality + leisure and relief from surrounding urban environment.  A contemporary mixed-use tourism village and residential community have been planned as the initial phase of work within the overall development. The master planning framework created a neo-TND patterning to minimize infrastructure costs, enhance social interaction and orient residential units on community parks and open space. An architectural character was envisioned that blends tradition Chinese forms with contemporary detailing to create a distinctive ‘sense of place’ rooted in the history and local materials of the region. Heavy rainfall from the mountains will be filtered through artful and interpretive ponds within the planned neighborhood parks providing a sustainable stormwater model for future phases of development.